Interbix Holdings, formally Interbix Solutions, is a technology-focused holdings company. Interbix Holdings was incorporated in April of 2017 by two companies both wanting to join forces to create consumer-centric brands. Under our brands, we strive to provide consumers with best-in-class services at affordable prices. Some of our brands include companies such as XenoNode and Virtmo.

Press releases for Interbix and its brands are initially posted here, however, each brand may have different press contact information. Individual brands may post information regarding upcoming events such as sales and fundraisers independently and may not be displayed on this site.

Information regarding sensitive security events will not be published here until resolved in order to protect data and business continuity, however, will be sent to shareholders if a point of contact is on file with an active shareholder identification number. In such events, individual brands will contact affected clients by e-mail or phone if appropriate.